Roche Court, a hidden gem

Sculpture by Laura Ford
My Little Marini, by Laura Ford.

My husband, Rob, and I have been looking for things to do at the weekends that will give us a change of scene but also avoid the crowds. Our most recent discovery is on our doorstep and whilst aware of its existence, we have (can’t quite believe it) never visited before.

Roche Court Sculpture Park and Walled Garden is in East Winterslow, near Salisbury. There is also a small indoor gallery and Artists’ house (closed when we visited). It is run by the Roche Court Educational Trust, and invites parties of school children to view and discuss the art on display. The park is open to the public 11am – 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

The sculpture on display varies enormously in both style and scale, and there really should be something for every taste. It is all presented in the most beautiful surroundings, and amazingly, is all for sale!

So, now on my updated Christmas list (ha ha) is anything by Laura Ford. Of all the pieces in the park, hers spoke to me the loudest. All quirky, intriguing, mysterious, or as her website says: “Her sculptures are faithful representations of fantasy with sometimes bitter sweet and menacing qualities mixed with tenderness.” Her work is in many public collections including the Tate, The V & A and the Government Art Collection. At Roche Court, you will be able to see ‘My Little Marini’ (above), ‘Twiglet’, and ‘Silent Howler II’, which, from a distance, looks like a little weeping ghost. Quite brilliant.

I’ve now been in both the sunshine and the rain and look forward to trips in the frost and snow!

Check out Laura Ford’s website here and feel free to contact me for my wish list!!!

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