Caroline Richardson, figurative, portrait and floral artist

Image courtesy of Kismet Photography

Caroline Richardson, figurative, portrait and floral artist

I started my painting professionally in 2014, after working as a graphic designer for the best part of 20 years. My degree is in design rather than fine art, but over the last few years I have trained intermittently with tutors from the Charles H Cecil atelier in Florence and more recently, the London Atelier of Representational Art. I believe it is important to keep learning and seek improvement in my work all the time.

Whilst I paint in a traditional style, my subject matter reflects modern life. Most of my time is occupied by figurative and portrait work, but I very much enjoy still-life painting, and more recently I have been experimenting with floral compositions. My time is split between private commission work and paintings for galleries (please contact me for a full list).

I usually work from photographs, with the exception of some still-life painting. I find this works best all round, as a client can sign off on the photograph they are most happy for me to work from. I use the sight-size method, meaning that I blow up the photo to the actual size I will paint at, and regularly examine my work from a distance to check accuracy and balance.

Regular updates are always emailed to my clients so that they can see my progress, if desired, and once finished, I can advise on framing.

I hope that working with me is an enjoyable experience! If you would like to commission a painting, I will be happy to discuss your requirements or provide references.